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PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue

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  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue
  • PRO PERFORM Yoga Mat - Blue

Pro Perform Yoga Mat

Quick Overview:

Our PROPERFORM Yoga Mat is an extra-wide, heavy-duty, pro-grade yoga mat that offers superior cushioning, long lifespan and a super stable foundation for your practice.

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Description: Pro Perform Yoga Mat

Our PROPERFORM Yoga Mat is designed to provide superior cushioning, stability and durability for the dedicated practitioner.

This is a yoga mat for the long run with a heavy-duty construction making it an excellent choice for active yoga studios and practitioners requiring a yoga mat that won't wear out easily.

Every yoga mat is a compromise between 4 benefits: grip, cushion, stability and durability. Yoga mats with good initial grip usually involve softer materials that wear out quickly, thus reducing the mat's lifespan. Conversely, rugged long-lasting yoga mats like the PROPERFORM take time to break in before they develop their best grip.

So what does this yoga mat offer the patient practitioner?


Pick it up and you'll know: this yoga mat is heavy-duty. It can handle whatever you throw at it and then some. Its superb durability means you'll be using it for years.

PROPERFORM = Super Stable

This mat's weight not only makes it supremely durable, it also creates a super stable foundation for your practice. While lighter mats shift around as you move, this one stays put.


You spend time on your yoga mat because you're committed to yoga. At 26" wide, the PROPERFORM is bigger than most with extra space so you can relish your time on the mat.

The PROPERFORM yoga mat will appeal to those who are not afraid to break in a new mat. As such, it's not for the casual practitioner needing instant grip. To those who prefer a mat requiring no break-in, we recommend our Dusky Leaf FLIPSTER Yoga Mat instead.

If you need a heavy-duty yoga mat and you're the patient type, the PROPERFORM is for you; it will repay your upfront patience with years of use.

Includes a FREE carry strap.

Approx. 5 mm thick x 26" wide x 71" long / 3 kg (6.6 lbs) – this is a heavy mat!

NOTE: The top surface features a marble swirl effect which varies naturally from mat to mat. Every yoga mat is unique!

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