Three Ways to Creativity Through Yoga Practice

Whether you are a yoga teacher who paints on the side, a full-time author who enjoys a weekly class, or a yoga practitioner who’s always wanted to try something creative, you are on the right track with yoga! As connections between the two types of practice reveal themselves to you, they can be cultivated to make yoga one of the most valuable tools in your artistic arsenal!

Can Yoga Just Be Fun?

Somewhere along this path to enlightenment which you call yoga, you forgot that part of the whole point is balance! You’re allowed to have fun during yoga practice, you’re allowed to laugh, and you’re really, really allowed to be present with others in the yoga studio and seek connection even when they veer off the path you thought they should take.

Yoga for Every Body

While everybody can practice yoga in some shape or form, the style of yoga most appropriate for you depends on your own unique shape and form! There is a yoga practice for every body. You just need to see which styles of yoga are for you.

Does Yoga Always Feel Good? Balancing Positive with Negative

Should yoga make you feel good? The straight answer: not always. While yoga is designed to make the mind and body as healthy as possible, this does not mean that it always enjoyable. Yoga asana should never cause pain, but it can often cause physical and psychological discomfort. As you develop certain tools, you learn how to ease your way through that discomfort.