Find Your Fall Yoga Rhythm

You can shape your yoga practice to the particular needs and characteristics of the season. Fall is the season associated with the lungs, large intestine and skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, Fall is associated with the metal element, which makes this season the ideal time to do a heavy metal detox.

Yoga for Back Pain: A Core Issue

Perhaps one of the most commonly cited reasons why people do yoga is to deal with back pain. Back pain can flare up from physical and/or emotional stress, overwork, muscular pinching and strain, accidents, slipped disks, sciatica or cramps. Fortunately many of these problems can be healed or mitigated by choosing your yoga poses wisely.

Master Your Mood With Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing techniques, or Pranayama, is addictive. It is easy to misjudge the power of your breath by dismissing this practice as sitting and doing nothing. It’s a deceptively simple-looking and subtle practice, from the outside. But within, you are working with a world of wonderful possibilities that can help you map and chart your mood.

Find Your Perfect Yoga Teacher-Training Course

So you are ready to become a yoga teacher! You have a dedicated and balanced yoga practice, and the heartfelt desire to share your knowledge and passion for yoga with the world. Now, how do you decide which yoga teacher training course to do? Here are a few basic guidelines to help you choose the yoga teacher certification that’s perfect for you.

Working The 4 Corners of Your Breath

It’s easy to take breathing for granted. Our yoga practice teaches us to watch and listen to our breath, to be awake to the flow of life force inside us. If you watched your breathing, very carefully, you might notice that the breath has 4 distinct parts. The inhale and its pause builds energy and heat, while the exhale and its transitional pause creates a soothing and cooling effect on the body and mind.

Why are Yoga Clothes Like a Yoga Pose?

Yoga clothing has now become as varied and diverse as yoga styles. Once you’ve decided on what kind of yoga you should practice, there’s a more prosaic question: “What kind of yoga pants should I wear?” Yoga clothes are not immune to fashion trends, and since yoga has made a major mark on our cultural psyche, yoga clothes and clothing companies have proliferated to meet a demanding market.

Winter Yoga Retreats: What to Expect

We all want to get away from winter right now; dreaming of escaping the cold and snow to hit the beach and, maybe, throw in a few sun salutations. But before booking your next (or perhaps first) spot at a yoga retreat, it may be wise to ask yourself, just what is a yoga retreat, and what do I expect from it?